Mantra Bars are best mushroom chocolate in the West Coast due to its regular appearance on most popular Food Magazines . On these platforms Mantra mushroom chocolates get lots of positive reviews on its impacts on the lives of its consumers .  These mushroom chocolate bars brings about a taste of deliciousness at every bite . It feels you with a sort of happiness and excitement which is second to non. Mantra Chocolate bars are hallucinogenic substances . These mushroom  chocolates  contain natural psychoactive compounds, such as psilocybin and psilocin, that act on the nervous system and alter perception. When consumed , the the components of these exceptional mushroom chocolate cause the person to hear, feel, and see stuff giving them a trippy feel like non they’ve ever had before . Mantra Bars are your closest for of perfection when in comes to mushroom chocolate bars . Why the wait Place your order today for the New York Times #1 mushroom chocolate bar and get a taste of the amazing trip felling .

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Mantra chocolate bars are a brand of artisanal chocolate bars that are known for their unique flavor combinations and high-quality ingredients. These mantra bars are made with organic, fair-trade cacao and are sweetened with organic coconut sugar, making them a healthier alternative to traditional mushroom chocolate bars.  In addition to their health benefits, Mantra bars mushrooms are also known for their delicious flavor combinations. Some of their most popular flavors include mantra bars euphoria, mantra bars serenity, mantra bars hero, mantra bars immortal and mantra bars nootropic. Each bar is carefully crafted to balance the flavors and create a unique taste experience for the consumer.

The Mantra chocolate bars are not the only mushroom chocolate bar that targets spirituality so what exactly makes it so special. Here are a few effects and benefits of the mantra chocolate :

  • It is perfect for artistic types as it inspires creativity and stimulates brain activity
  • Some flavors are good for those suffering from insomnia due to its’ sedative effects
  • Mantras are good for those suffering from stress and anxiety. It causes happiness and giggles.
  •  Mantra is a good source of antioxidants, which can help protect your cells from damage.
  • Mental health studies have shown that Mantra chocolates can improve mood and cognitive function.
  • Heart health: Also ,Mantra chocolates can also  help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.
  • Weight loss: Again ,Mantra Chocolates  help you feel full and satisfied, which can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Order your Mantra today and experience the delicious and healthy benefits for yourself!

These are just some of the few reasons for the recent increase in the demand of mantra chocolates. Fast forward to present time and the secrets of this psychedelic plants have been handed down through generations and refined by us to achieve the perfect blend of mushroom and chocolate.



Mantra Euphoria gummies are a popular treat among microdosing enthusiasts of all ages. These colorful and flavorful mantra gummies are a favorite among microdoses, and their unique appearance makes them stand out from other mushroom gummies. Our mantra gummies are fast rising to fame with the mantra gummies being the most sought out mushroom gummies for the year 2023. Mantra gummies are the nicest looking mushroom gummies on planet Earth. Being a mixture of magic mushrooms and hearts, our euphoria mantra gummies are the most delicious mushroom gummies ever.


The Mantra gummy has a variety of ingredients which makes it the crowd favorite. Our euphoria gummies come in blackberry flavors with magic mushrooms and hearts being the main ingredients,

3.5g Magic/Container

0.17g Magic/Gummies

240mg Heart/Container

12mg Heart/Gummies

We take pride in our packaging as much as the product itself. Our euphoria mantra gummy comes in an all-black container with mantra symbols written all around the lit. At the top of this container, you will find the words “EUPHORIA” boldly written in pink, and “BLACKBERRY” which is the euphoria flavor, written in white. Each of these containers contains 20 euphoria gummies. Also, on each container, you will find the product descriptions such as the Quantity and Type of ingredients used and the Dosing Guide. Moreover, our gummies are vegan and gluten-free.

mantra bars